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PVC window, white, right

PVC arches, bending arches, bending PVC profiles

ALUCON PVC windows are produced in 15 colors, which allows them to be perfectly matched to any facade and interior.

Their technology ensures high thermal and acoustic insulation,

which translates into comfort of use and energy savings.

Thanks to the use of modern materials, these windows are durable and resistant to weather conditions, and they support ecological values through recycling.

PVC window in golden oak color, right

ALUCON products stand out on the market with excellent thermal insulation properties and meet energy efficiency standards.

They are water and wind resistant, which guarantees comfort regardless of weather conditions.

In addition, ALUCON windows offer exceptional acoustic quality thanks to the possibility of choosing glass of various thicknesses, which ensures excellent sound insulation.

List of ALUCON window fittings

Modern fittings are the next step. They have new values and functionalities. We have thus set high standards in terms of profitability, safety, comfort and design.

The fitting stands out thanks to its attractive appearance, e.g. thanks to the use of elegant covers

Right anthracite PVC window

One of the most attractive and eagerly chosen window colors today is anthracite

Cross section of a white window
Cross-section of ALUCON windows
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